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You have a product…can we sell it for you please?

This service is provided to the sellers through which they can make oriented and specialized publicity to this part of the market, and to utilize our rich and wide data base as follows:

1- The seller needs to market his product or to make a promotional campaign for it.

2- The seller to fill in a specific form which contains all information about the product, its specification, photos, analysis pictures…etc and to fill in the required number of faxes, letters, targeted market, and targeted industry (Should be within the field of our industry).

3- A final agreement is to be made on the offer format and all the required amendments made by Falcon Designing and Marketing departments to guarantee that it will be more professional.

4- The Sales Responsible is to determine a price for this service.

5- Falcon is to send a trial fax of the offer to the seller fax number.

6- Falcon to report the full results of this campaign and to follow it up (for example this offer was sent to 8000 companies by fax and 10 000 by emai).

The advantages of sharing in this service:

· 1-Targeting

· 2-Segmentation

· 3-Specialty in industry

· 4-Good price

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