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This service is for:

· The customers who want to produce special products upon their request such as capsules or certain cream with special specification.

1- The customer to determine which product he would like to produce, such as Cream to treat the dark circles of the complexion, and whether he has the composition or he needs our R&D department at Falcon to provide him with the best possible composition.

2- Agreement to be made on all the required specifications, composition, price and packaging of the requested product.

3- Falcon to provide the customer with a price offer of a trial sample or (trial order) of the product.

4- The trial sample or order is to be shipped with full satisfactory guarantee.

5- After receiving and examining the sample, an agreement on the final arrangements of the agreed upon product to be made through signing a supply contract which will contain in details the required specifications of the product.

· The customers who want to buy a harvest/oil during a specific season of the year.

My dear customer, through this services you will be able to guarantee having a certain quantity from the season harvest of any one of our products. This can be made as follows:

1- The customer to determine the required quantity and specifications of the oil or the herb.

2- A copy from the supply contract which indicates all delivery, payment and any other terms except for the pricing will be sent to the customer, and the price will be determined after the harvesting and with the market price by this time. The contract terms will contain that the customer has the right to inquire about the market price and make sure of it as he likes, and Falcon will guarantee to the customer to get the best possible price for this product.

3- All the terms and conditions will be agreed upon, and an approximate amount of 20% from total harvest value is to be paid to confirm the seriousness.

4- The contract to be in two copies, one for each party.

5- After the harvesting and the production, Falcon is committed to ship the goods according to the signed contract.

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