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Falcon has become one of OCTA group companies.

On September 2004, Falcon has become one of OCTA group.

OCTA Group is a very distinguished and reliable group of companies, specialized in providing management and financial services for companies.

By this step Falcon has become more capable to perform its activities more efficiently and professionally. This led to be able to offer better services for its clients as Falcon has greater facilities and more professional teamwork:

                     With its Factory in the Free Zone

For its international trading, and as Falcon always thinks in its customers to make their business easier and  more successful, Falcon has built its factory in Ismaelia Free zone in Egypt which helps to repackage the African staff of products and re-export worldwide in a very easy way.

 Our customers can consider this factory as their own. We are very open minded for any activity and we can do business in anyway with you..

                     Our well trained and professional R &D teamwork.

Through up to date training courses in Egypt and Germany , our R&D department has become stronger in technical issues and has gain very wide knowledge about  this industry.

We will be more than happy to do our best for you to improve business performance. You can ask us if you need special product or formula and we will be more than happy to do it for you.

Dr.Abdullah Abbass